Our Process

We design and develop social web experiences that make people smile.

Design thinking and human-centered software are core to our process. We focus on your business challenges and goals, and we connect these to the desires and needs of your customers. We do this through consultation, product sprints, and co-collaboration with your team.

Every week we interview users, prototype new features, ship code, test, and iterate. Our responsiveness and dedication to quickly launching and refining features is one of the things that sets us apart.

We work with you

Our clients are our partners, and we like to work closely as teammates and advisors. Our process begins by listening to you as stakeholders and your customers as end-users. We start every project by focusing on concrete user needs, and then connect goals, motivations, and behaviors for a successful outcome.


Use Open to Your Advantage

We have over a decade of experience in building open source software platforms. We regularly help teams make decisions about where and how they can benefit from open source software.


Accelerate Your Project

We work with you to workshop problems, prototype ideas, and create solutions. We approach our work with flexibility, constantly evaluating work against your project goals. The result is a better solution, faster.