About Known

Known was started in May 2014 by Ben Werdmuller and Erin Jo Richey. We were brought together by a shared desire to create friendly, social software that connects people and information using open technology. Our first product, the Known publishing platform, was launched in beta in September 2014.

We work with clients of all sizes to design and build community platforms and social applications. Our focus is on using the latest open technology in a way that's right for your project.

Ben Werdmuller

Co-founder & CEO

A computer scientist by trade, Ben has been creating social platforms for groups and individuals for over 15 years.

He co-founded Elgg - an open source community engine - in 2003. It was adopted by national governments, universities, and organizations like Oxfam, NASA, and the World Bank. In 2010, Ben joined latakoo as CTO, where he focused on video distribution and bringing enterprise social software to organizations like NBC News.

Ben also served as the inaugural Geek in Residence at the Edinburgh Festivals.


Erin Jo Richey

Co-founder & CXO


With a background in cognitive science and psychology, Erin is a user experience strategist who has worked with large companies like eBay, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Intel, Life Technologies, and Genentech, as well as numerous startups.

Prior to her work in user experience, Erin worked in digital marketing, with roles as an analyst and marketing specialist. Erin began her career in the field of ecommerce, working for both B2B and B2C Top 500 e-tailers, as well as managing the ecommerce division of a startup fashion boutique.